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The year was 2014. It was my last semester of college and I needed just one additional class to complete the credit requirements for graduation. After looking over the available classes I, of course, chose the class that looked to be the easiest. The class was Stage Makeup and the building happened to be located right across the street from my off campus apartment. Perfect. Little did I know, this class would reignite my love for the art of creating.


It was during this time that I realized I wanted to be a “professional makeup artist”. I vividly remember the day I called my parent’s and told them the good news. “soo…I THINK I want to be a makeup artist?…” I wasn’t one hundred percent sure of what that meant completely but  I was sure it sounded way more fun than getting a ”real job” or applying for grad school.  My mind was made up and my parent’s supported me, as they always had. 


I got my first “professional makeup kit” shortly after and I purchased a camera to take photos of my clients. I started practicing makeup on random girls that I bumped into on campus. It would take me two hours to complete a face and in hindsight the finished product wasn’t that great. By the end of the semester I had real clients coming to get their makeup done by me and had  booked three weddings for the following summer. 


Things took off from there. Since 2014 my passion and my artistry has grown. I have been blessed to work with many brides, celebrities, high profile names and major production companies.  My makeup work has been seen on buses, billboards, in magazines and on television.  


In 2020 I am expanding my brand tremendously. I have some awesome opportunities already lined up and I am expecting many more. Whether I have the opportunity to work with you as your makeup artist, photographer or both I am completely honored and looking forward to doing so soon! 



Hannah Shalom




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OWN Network, Essence Online, Borrowed & BlueTruly Original 

Cardi B, Bishop T.D Jakes, MC Lyte, Floacist of Floetry, Rozan Ahmed, Dutchess of Ink, Tweet, Kentrell Collins, Lovely Mimi, Jesseca Dupart, Cheslie Kryst

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